Compassion Update

A number of people have sponsored children through Compassion in Haiti, and as a church we are trying to create a special link with the work of the church in Haiti. So, I would like to highlight the latest update from Compassion about the damage done by tropical storm Isaac in Haiti.
“Compassion Haiti reports a total of 2267 children from 33 child development centres have so far been affected by Tropical Strom Isaac.

The storm has damaged homes, gardens and personal belongings. Some families have lost their home in the storm and have sought temporary shelter at their local church, or with friends and family.

Please continue to pray for those who have been affected by Tropical Storm Isaac. Please pray for the Lord’s continued protection over all Compassion assisted children and their families in Haiti.”

It looks like none of our children that we as a church sponsor lost houses or garden or livestock. However, as we know from tropical cyclones that affect Australia, the damage done by these storms can have a far-reaching effect, especially in the area of agriculture. Crops damaged, prices rise for staple food, and for people already living in poverty it adds an increased burden.

Compassion responds to natural disasters through the work of critical interventions. Critical Interventions provide solutions to needs that exceed the reach of Compassions’ Child Survival Program, Child Sponsorship Program and Leadership Development Program.

As a church, I feel that it is important that we support the work of Compassion in Haiti through their efforts at providing critical interventions to those children affected by the storms in Haiti. So, I am proposing that we over the next 2 weeks take up a special collection for the work of Compassion in Haiti, along side our regular collection. If God is stirring your heart for the poor in the world, maybe this is exactly what he is asking you to do, to give a little bit more to those in need in Haiti. (Don’t forget that if you would also like to sponsor a child, that it is still possible, so please talk with me about this if you feel God is leading you in that direction) Lets see how generous we can be as a church for those in need in the world. So, I urge you to over the next 2 weeks to bring in a little extra to support the work of Compassion in Haiti.

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