Creating a balanced life


Studies show that working longer hours have detrimental effects on family relationship, personal relationship and your health. So lets make this year the start of something new, and lasting. Lets creature a better balance in our life.

Here a a few tips to help you create a better life balance.

  1. Schedule a regular, weekly time off from work ( that is work in all its forms for you)
  2. Do something that relaxes you. Go fishing, do some exercise, play backgammon, what ever it is that relaxes you do it regularly.
  3. Disconnect – from the phone, internet, Facebook, emails etc that draw us back into work
  4. Schedule quality time with your family everyday (this is important – everyday)
  5. Do what God has gifted you to do (enjoy your work)
  6. Worship, spend time in prayer and with fellow believers in worship

These are just some basic tips to help with a better life balance personally, they are not hard to do and don’t require expensive memberships but if done will help to create a more relaxed and refreshed you, and it has been shown that when you are refreshed and relaxed that you can be more productive in your work.