Up super early as the rebooked flight to Haiti leaves at 6:30 am. Catch the first shuttle bus of the day and then through TSA customs grab some breakfast on the run and straight onto the plane. We all get seated and then we wait, and wait, finally, an announcement is made that 3 people have not made the flight,  but their bags have all been packed and now have to be offloaded. But the problem is that all the bags have to be checked to match the baggage numbers.

Finally, we take off about 1-hour later than planned, which is going to mean that we are a bit more rushed today at the compassion centre. The flight to Cap-Haitien was only a short hope of 1.5 hours.

I love arriving in a new country, to see the local customs and what the place looks like. Cap-Haitien is the second largest city in Haiti. That being said you can see the poverty on the streets. For lots of people on the trip, the rubbish on the streets was the most confronting part of arriving.

After we settled into our hotel, we quickly headed off to a Church and compassion centre in Cap-Haitien. The centre is CDSP HA159. This means that it is the 159th oldest centre in Haiti. It had been operating for 46 years and we meet a number of the staff their that had been beneficiaries of the Compassion program. Wonderful to see them giving back to the community through the ongoing work of compassion.

We were greeted with a brass band and warmly welcomed into the church, where we heard testimonies from parents of children in the program. Lots of singing and interaction. Following this, we played with the children and then had lunch at the centre.

After lunch, we then visited 2 families in their home to see how they live and also to bless them with a special gift from the church and from us.

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