Compassion Insights Trip -Haiti Day 4

Today we spent the day at a rural church and compassion centre just outside of Cap-Haitien. After about an hour bus ride we arrived at the church/centre and were greeted by a brass hand playing Advance Australia Fair, a very impressive welcome. We were then ushered into the church and formally welcomed by the senior pastor, compassion coordinator, parents and children.

Then we visited the children in a couple of their classes. The classes are broken into different age groups. We spent some time in a class observing their lesson on spiritual development, where they were learning about the attributes of God.

The other lesson that we were able to observe was a life lesson for the 15-18 year age group. In this lesson, they learnt the importance of good hygiene and how to wash your hands properly. Very practical and important. Another lesson that part of our group was able to observe was about HIV, the causes, how it is spread and how to stay safe. All important information that the church is giving these kids.

We then had time to interact with the children and play some games. Bubbles were a hit, as was Chris and the soccer balls. By the end of the time with the kids, Chris was soaked in sweat from all the soccer he was playing.

After lunch, we had a home visit with a teenage boy who was living with his grandmother because his mother had died when he was young. He lives with his brother, cousins and aunty all in a one-room house with a small garden out the back. A tough live with very little but they were grateful for the help provided by Compassion and his sponsor.

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