Compassion Insights Trip -Haiti Day 7

Today is another day of travel. We are travelling from Cap-Haitien in the northern part of Haiti to Port-a-Prince, the Capital of Haiti. It is the shortest of our plane trips, only half an hour. However, it will take us most of the day. We have to get to the airport in Cap-Haitien then organise our boarding passes and pass through security (with is only an x-ray and metal detector). Then a wait for an hour and a half.  Part way through our wait the power cuts out and the aircon stops working making the waiting room stuffy and hot. Life in Haiti!

After landing in Port-a-Prince we meet our local Compassion specialist and travel to our hotel we finally get to have lunch and organise ourselves for the next few days.

Our hotel in Port a Prince is in a very wealthy area. The community has a security guard at the entrance into the suburb.  And when we arrive at the hotel we are amazed at the quality of the hotel. We feel very privileged to be staying in such a good hotel in Port a Prince. Where we are staying is so different to the children we will be seeing in the next couple of days.

The picture below: Houses just across the valley from our hotel.

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