Finding your personal vision

A man without a vision is a man without a future. A man without a future will always return to his past. (P.K. Bernard)

We are all busy people, with much happening in our lives. More often than not we go from day to day just trying to get through the day without much thought as to how you want your life to be in the future. At times all I have wanted to do at the end of a busy day is not think about anything, watch a bit of TV and go to bed so that I can do it all again. I feel that what is missing in my life and in many peoples lives is that have a lack of vision for the future of their life. You see, vision is important, it gives us the direction and the drive to push through the obstacles that stand in our way. Vision gives the temporary pain, the temporary hardship that we might be facing a purpose.

If you do not have a vision for your life, then what will happen is that you take the path of least resistance so that you can avoid as much discomfort in your life as possible. The level of sacrifice that a vision requires of you will determine what kind of person you are now and will become. One of the sacrifices that we make for our vision, is the use of our time. We live in a world of instant gratification, where things are done immediately, our modern technology has dulled us to the fact that giving our time and attention is an important sacrifice that we need to make for our own personal vision.

If we do not have a vision for our future then we will always go back to our past. Our vision bridges the present and the future. Our vision directs our attention and our decisions, and these choices, in turn, create our future that unfolds. As one of the proverbs says:

Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained but happy is he who keeps the law – Proverbs 29:18

If we don’t have our vision for the future then we really are unstrained and subject to the ebb and flow of the outside world. Our future becomes not what we make it but rather coincidental influences of the world and people around us. To use an illustration: if we have a vision for our future we are like a boat with an engine and navigation system, and we can head in any direction no matter the prevailing current. But, without a vision, we are like a small boat with only one oar. We can hold our position and at times move forward but if the current becomes too strong we are just swept along with it.

In our message last week, I explored “Your Personal Vision For The Future” and how it was important that our vision and God’s vision for our future are connected. Because God has plans to do something big in your life!


Practical steps to making certain that your vision for the future and God’s line up.

1. Spend time and focus your vision. Seek God’s leading in prayer. Enquire as to what God’s plan for your life is.

2. Integrate God’s vision for your life into your own vision. God has a plan for you and becoming a fully devoted disciple of Jesus Christ is to live out God’s plan for your life.

3. Share your Vision. Don’t just hold this vision to yourself, but share it with a few trusted people who can help you discern God’s call on your life. Also, these people will be able to celebrate your vision and encourage you in fulfilling your vision.

4. Work on your Vision. Don’t just create the vision but do something toward fulfilling your vision. This is the hard part, this is the part that requires sacrifice, energy, and passion. But this is the part that changes your life, especially, when your vision is truly connected with God’s plan for your life.

5. Renew Your Vision. Over time it is important to review and renew your vision. Don’t let your vision for the future become stale. Cycle back to step one and focus your vision. The thing is that you might have achieved what your initial vision was and it is time to seek a new one. Or, you have been hitting roadblocks with fulfilling your vision, and this might be God saying to make a change to the vision or it might be that God wants you to keep going but it is important to refocus your vision of time.

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