We are creatures of Habit

All of us are creatures of Habit!

I pride myself on being willing to change and accepting of change. Having said that, I find myself realising that I am still a creature of habit. I realised this morning that there are certain activities that we do that make us feel comfortable and secure. These can be anything, something as simple as which car parking space we choose. I was arriving at the gym this morning and driving into the car park there was a car space that was free and closer to the entrance, but instead of taking it I turn the corner and looked to see if the car parking space that I have been using for the last couple of weeks was free. It was at that moment as I drove into that car parking space, that I realised that I am a creature of habit. Even if the habit cause me to make choices between something different that will make my life easier (a closer car parking space) or something that I have always done.

It is not until you see that we are creatures of habit, and recognise these habits for what they are. Choices that we feel comfortable to make without much or no thought. If we truly want to be lead by God, to become a new person in Christ, then we need to be willing to let God open us up to examining the habits that stop us from moving forward with what God has in store for you.

Just remember that being a creature of habit is not a bad thing. It is who we are, our habits make us feel safe and comfortable. It is just when our habits get in the way of hearing Gods call on your life, or our habit gets in the way of a new thing that God is doing. Habits can be both good and bad. Forming a habit of prayer is a great thing to do. Forming a habit of regularly attending worship is a good habit.

If you are wanting to change a bad habit just remember that you are not alone in this. The first thing that you need to do is to admit it. accepting that you have a habit that is holding you back is half the battle. God is there to help you through all of your life’s ups and downs.

I can do all this through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

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