Message Series for July – Together in Song :)

Singing is an important part of worship. In fact, we spend one third to over half our time singing when we are in church. More people remember the lyrics in songs than any point from a message/sermon. So in our new message series, we are going to explore some of the theology behind the songs we sing, both old and new.

Series starts July 1, 2018

Each week we will explore a different theology or theme within the songs we sing.

Week 1 – Singing the Creeds

Week 2 – Salvation Theology

Week 3 – Being at Mission

Week 4 – Our Personal Faith

Week 5 – Who We Are! – The Church

Stay tuned for a special announcement in the next week, regarding exciting news for NEW Beginnings!!!!

Establishing a Community of Believers

June is the last month of our 3-month preaching series called “Establishing a Community of Believers”. Each month we are focusing on a different aspect of this theme.

In April we focused upon how Jesus revealed himself following his resurrection to the Believers. Over the 4 weeks we focused upon 4 resurrection appearances:

Firstly to Mary

Then to the disciples on the Emmaus road

To Thomas in the locked room

Finally to Paul on the road to demascus.

In May we focused upon how Jesus establishes the Church. Looking at these 4 areas – Being Sent, Being Filled, Being Courageous & Being Loved.

During June our focus will be upon the community of the church, looking at a different aspect important to the Corinthian Church – Holiness, Freedom & Unity. In the Last week of June our focus will be upon “Our own Christian Community”

I would like to encourage you to be a part of these messages each week so that we may deeply understand what it means for us to be a Community of Believers.


Simon Lee

Lead Minister