My God Who Can

My God Who Can

“My God who can” began with the idea of writing a song that would unite us as a community of God.  It was when we had decided to combine our “traditional” and “contemporary” services into one combined service.   One of the main differences between the two services was the music (hymns and worship songs), and Caleb and I thought how good it would be to write a new song for the first service together as an expression of this new beginning for all of us.  “NEW Beginnings” is the name of our church (it expresses the new life we have in Jesus when we accept Him as Lord and Saviour) and the combined service would also be a new beginning for all of us, a challenge to accept a mix of music and an opportunity to move forward in God together. 

The chorus began with the idea of not looking back to what we had before but looking forward to what God would do in our midst, looking to all of God’s goodness before us.  Our response is to lift our hands to Him, reaching out in faith and being completely absorbed in praising Him, God, the great “I am” (referring to the name God gave Moses at the burning bush and the way Jesus referred to Himself in the Gospels).

The nature of God then became the focus of the verses.  After exploring lots of ideas, we settled on beginning with how fierce God is in pursuing us.  “Fierce” is not a word that is often used about God, but it captures His intense desire for us to know Him. God is not casually looking around the world to see who might become a believer; He intentionally sent Jesus to die for us, so that we could enter an intimate relationship with Him.  God seeks us fiercely.  We think that we can hide from Him, but His light shines everywhere and reveals us.

Our God is full of grace and truth and He is the only one who is free to judge anyone else.  We can fall into judging each other and judging those around us but only God has the ability, capacity and wisdom to know how to judge any situation.  And yet, even though He can judge, it is His mercy that flows so freely through Jesus to forgives us all our sins.

God gives us the Holy Spirit to guide us and His word, the Bible, to show us the way to walk and it is through Him alone that our new beginning is complete.

The bridge of the song is our response to God’s grace; it is a purposeful, resolute statement of faith, offering our lives to Jesus as a living sacrifice (as in Romans 12:1) not for the sake of ourselves but for the sake of the world; that all may know the grace of God.  We declare that we will not run away or hide, we will not turn our eyes away from Jesus, but we will keep our stride in the race that God has set before us.  One day at a time, one foot in front of the other, no matter what events occur; we will keep our eyes on Jesus.

Our God is an amazing God and this song attempts to reflect some of the greatness of God when we join together in song as His people.

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