Jonah – Running from God

In this 4 Week preaching series, we will be studying the book of Jonah. Jonah has many life lessons for us today. Have you ever run from something that you should be doing, but find it too hard or too challenging. Then this sermon series is for you.

11 September 2016 –  2 October 2016


In this 4 week series we will be looking at the prophet Elisha.

Series starts Sunday 14th August, 2016

Can you imagine what could happen if we gave control of our life to God? It’s scary, but the benefits are world-altering. The story of Elisha will challenge you to answer God’s calling and take the risks that are necessary to do His will.


In this 12 week series we will be looking at the book of Ephesians.

Series starts Sunday 8th May, 2016

During the series we will explore the theology of the church as expressed by the Apostle Paul in the Book of Ephesians. Also, we will be looking at the practical advice that Paul offers the Ephesians as us on how we should be the church.

The church is a combination of the individual and the combined group of believers. It is this unique combination that helps us to see beyond ourselves and see the need of the community.

Staying Positive Series Continued

Staying positive can be an incredibly hard thing to achieve in life. Outside pressures, can weigh heavily upon us, and even change our attitudes and behaviours to those around us. Have you noticed that when you have a hard day at work or you have had a very difficult decision to make, that this tends to flow over into other areas of your life, for instance we snap at out families over the smallest mistakes, that just don’t need that kind of response.

A negative attitude breads more negative attitudes. Where as a positive attitude creates even more positivity in you and those whom you come into contact with.

There is so much negativity in the world, and instead of letting it get us down, what are we going to do is to Stay Positive! We are NOT going to be critical and we are NOT going to find reasons to be negative. What we have been doing is to look at six different biblical qualities that help us to be positive. (Last months newsletter had the following Biblical qualities, that help us to stay positive)

We started with being optimistic, then we moved onto being grateful, we looked at being encouraging and also how to stay positive by using the Biblical principle of being generous. So, what I would like to do now is to look at the final 2 Biblical qualities that will help you stay positive.

Becoming Enthusiastic

… Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.

1 Corinthians 15:58 NLT

Many people think that being enthusiastic is just a mood that you have about life. For instance, you could be enthusiastic about football, or cross-stitch, maybe you are enthusiastic about gardening. For many people enthusiasm is a mood that you have however “Enthusiasm isn’t just a mood. It’s a spiritual result of an intimate relationship with God.”

Enthusiasm comes from:

• Trusting God daily.

• Walking with God daily.

• Worshipping God daily.

To find out more about Biblical enthusiasm read the following scriptures about godly enthusiasm.

Philippians 1:18-22 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Philippians 4:4 1 Peter 3:13

Being Confident

Having confidence is incredibly important. With confidence you are able to do things that you have never done before, to face the unknown. However, what I would like to say is that there is a difference between self-confidence and God-confidence. The Message translation states the 1 Corinthians 10:12 … Forget about self-confidence; it’s useless. Cultivate God-confidence. 

Three Truths to Help You Cultivate God Confidence

1. My God is always for me.

2. My God always helps me.

3. My God is still working in me.

Ultimately we don’t live for God’s approval. We live from His approval. And this is where we get our Confidence.

As we look towards being a more generous and positive person, what practical things can we do? What is something that you can start, stop, or change this week in order to live more generously?

Staying Positive Series

With the way the world is at the moment, it can be really hard to stay positive. However, it doesn’t have to be the world that is causing you to feel down, it could be how life is just at the moment for you, with health, family issues, or maybe joining two churches together, that is making it hard for you to stay positive. What I would like to do is to share some ways that you can stay positive, in the face of hard times.

Staying Optimistic

Proverbs 11:27 says:

If you search for good, you will find favour; but if you search for evil, it will find you! 

It is interesting that Scripture tells us that our attitude in the way we approach life, has a large factor to play in whether we stay positive or negative. Do you look for the positive in life and situation or are you more prone to find the negative? At times it is hard to look for the positive, but scripture reminds us that we can stay optimistic/positive not because of what we feel, not because of what we see, not because of the situations around us but because of what God says.”

Being Grateful

One of the attributes of a positive person is that they have learnt how to be grateful in all situations. I am especially reminded of this when I see Christians worshipping around the world. I remember back to when I was in Haiti, and the immense joy and gratitude that the Christians had there, even though their church had been reduced to rubble by the earthquake. They still worshipped God with all their hearts, because “Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”

Reflecting on this I came to the realisation that “It’s not happy people who are grateful. It’s grateful people who are happy!” This is so true, but it also makes me wonder why all too often our churches are full of negative and unhappy people. I think it is because they have forgotten one of the most important parts of being a Christian. “Until Christ is all you have, you won’t realise Christ is all you need.” 

I’m Encouraging

One of the most wonderful thing about a person who has learnt how to be positive is that they have learnt the value of encouragement.

“Encouraging others is one of the most spiritual things you can do.”

Keeping that in mind, why not try being the encouraging person that God truly made you to be. You can do this by

Encourage others daily.

Encourage others spiritually.

Encourage yourself in the Lord.

Read the following scriptures about encouragement, to inspire yourself.

1 Thessalonians 3:2-3

Matthew 3:16-17

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Proverbs 12:25


In order to deepen your positive lifestyle, and outlook on life, we need to develop a spirit of generosity. Generosity is a verb, it has an action associated with it. It is not a passive thing , it implies that we are willing to get involved and do what is needed in a situation beyond what is expected.  It is interesting to note, that the most generous people that I have meet are, by enlarge, not the ones with the most money, the nicest houses, or the expensive lifestyle accessories. They are the ones who give of themselves and their time and the possessions that they have. They do not give out of the excess, but from the everyday. This reminds me of the story of the widows giving in the temple, with a few small coins, she gave from what she had, not what she had left over.

As we look towards being a more generous and positive person, what practical things can we do? What is something that you can start, stop, or change this week in order to live more generously?