Falls Like Rain

Words and Music by Kerry Aberline

© 2018 NEW Beginnings Uniting Church

Verse 1

Your word falls to earth like rain
Descending like dew
Soaking to the depths
Replenishing anew

Chorus 1

The tender plant … will not bend
The broken heart … You will mend
The thirsty soul  You will tend
Your word sustains to the end

Verse 2

Your word falls to earth like rain,
Refreshing my soul
Washing away the pain
Refreshing my soul

Chorus 2

May Your word … dwell in me
May Your word … live in me
May Your word rise in me
Refreshing refreshing my soul

Chorus 3

Your word gives wisdom
Your word gives life
Your word is truth  It is the light
Your word reveals reveals Your love
Refreshing my soul





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