My God Who Can

Words and Music by Caleb Ravesteyn & Kerry Aberline

© 2018 NEW Beginnings Uniting Church | CCLI: 7135885

Verse 1

My God who seeks me fiercely
there is nowhere I can run
In the shadows I’m concealed
Your light shines and there I am

Verse 2

My God who is grace and truth
The only one free to judge
Your mercy flows free to me
Forgiving me my sin once more


No more I look behind me
For all Your goodness before me
I lift my hands
reach out in faith
absorbed completely
singing your praise
My God the great I am

Verse 3

The word Your gift to guide me
A lamp unto my feet
With you right there beside me
My New Beginning is complete


I offer you my life
A living sacrifice
To show the world
Your abundant grace

I will not fear or hide
I will not turn my eyes
with you I keep my stride
and run the race


All to You the God who can
My God the great I am





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