from NEW Beginnings Uniting Church
Sunday, 24. November 2019

The Power of Prayer

The book of Acts in the Bible documents the journey of the early church in becoming a world-changing...
Scripture: Acts 4:23-31
Sunday, 27. October 2019


When we talk about having a blessed life what does that mean? Do you have to have what the world cal...
Scripture: Ephesians 1:3-14
Sunday, 29. September 2019


The good life is more than just owning stuff. It is more than having the best. The Good Life accordi...
Scripture: Matthew 6:19-21
Sunday, 22. September 2019

Here & Now

When life is tough and things don't feel like you are living the Good Life, it is often easy to look...
Scripture: Luke 9:57-62
Sunday, 15. September 2019

Morals & Ethics

How do our morals and ethics influence the life we live? Find out how "The Good Life According To G...
Scripture: Matthew 23:1-28
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