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Follow Me - Week 1 - Our World

Sunday, 21. May 2017

In the first week of our series "Follow Me" Caleb talks about 'Our World' and how we have a responsibility to it but also who are we in our world, that God created.

During the talk, Caleb references a number of images and these can be found below.

The Sun

An enormous magnetic loop filled with glowing-hot gas lifted off the Sun today. Astronomers call such events "prominences" -- they're caused by explosive instabilities within the Sun's tangled magnetic field. This one stretches about 50 Earth-diameters from one end to the other.
An ultraviolet telescope onboard the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory captured this spectacular view of the prominence at 13:19 UT on June 9th.

Sun and Earth Compared

Milky Way Galaxy

Milky Way Galaxy and the Earth

The Pale Blue Dot

Vela Pulsar

Hourglass Nebula

Star Dust Rings

The whirlpool galaxy

The x-structure whirlpool galaxy

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