from NEW Beginnings Uniting Church
Sunday, 11. February 2018

Trusting Leadership

It is fair to not trust leadership in this world, as Caleb mentions they have broken trust so many t...
Scripture: 1 Samuel 14:1-15
Sunday, 4. February 2018

Trusting God

Have you ever wondered what it means to Trust God? Have you considered what the difference between f...
Scripture: Romans 8:31-39
Sunday, 10. December 2017

Hope for Today

We often think of Hope for the future, but that means that we forget what we hope for today. What is...
Scripture: John 4:1-26
Sunday, 3. December 2017

Hope is not a wish

Have you ever wished upon a star? Or blown out all the candles on your birthday cake and made a wish...
Scripture: John 14:1-6, John 20:24-29
Sunday, 26. November 2017

Where has the Hope gone?

Christmas is coming, it is time to remember the hope that comes with Christmas, this week Simon laun...
Scripture: Isaiah 40:28-31

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