from NEW Beginnings Uniting Church

Paul & Silas - Earthquake Moments

Has God given you an earthquake moment? The message from NEW Beginnings Uniting Church this week looks at how the Apostle Paul and Silas used the earthquake moment to changes peoples lives.
This message is part of the preaching series "The call to be a disciple". God calls us to be a disciple. The great thing is that God doesn't call perfect people, he calls the ordinary everyday people. Have you ever thought about what that truly means to be called a disciple of Jesus? The preaching series "The Call To Be A Disciple" focuses upon how following Jesus changed the lives of the disciples and changes our lives as well. Caleb brings the eighth message in this preaching series looking at the Disciples in the New Testament. This week the focus is upon the Apostle Paul and Silas and their earthquake moment.

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